Tata Group Essentials of Management Seminar

The Tata GeMS Programme is a combination of an online & in-class programme designed for junior managers of Tata Group companies. The programme focuses on several aspects of managerial functioning that are critical to their effectiveness. The programme aims at building general management capabilities of participants by helping them to acquire an integrated perspective on management situations. The programme covers the functional areas of Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Development. It also covers decision making situations that enable participants to identify and understand managerial challenges.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • Develop competencies and skills essential for mid-management roles.
  • Impart contextual and functional knowledge in three domains- HRM, Marketing and Finance of contemporary high quality management education.
  • Provide guidance / approaches to think through various business strategies in diverse competitive scenarios.

The programme is offered twice a week for three months. At the end of the programme, participants are awarded a completion certificate jointly awarded by TMTC and Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune.

The on-line programme allocates the time on various modules in the following manner:

  • Finance - 14 hours
  • Marketing - 12 hours
  • HRM- 12 hours
  • Guest sessions on contemporary,relevant issues - 07 hours

The in-class part of the programme covers cases and management situations reflecting management experiences and provides participants with an opportunity to discuss critical business issues & challenges. This in-class session also equips participants with the soft skills required to become a successful manager.

All TATA GeMS modules are taught by highly qualified faculty.

Programme Content

Financial Management
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Financial analysis and cost analysis for strategic decision making
  • Managing short-term liquidity and working capital management
  • Cost of capital and economic value added
  • Investment analysis of new business or projects opportunities
  • Financial modelling for value creation
Marketing Management
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Customer value analysis and decisions to build relationship with customers
  • Designing new market offers, product positioning and targeting
  • Pricing strategy
  • Building strong brands 
  • Sales and distribution management
  • Services marketing, CRM and internet-based marketing
Human Resource Management
  • Fundamentals of human resource management
  • Recruitment, selection and strategies to retain talent
  • Measuring people effectiveness, performance feedback and compensation systems
  • Training and Development as well as overview of International HR issues and complexities


  • The programme is open to all Tata group companies
  • Individuals in a junior management role
  • Those moving into people management roles in the near future
  • At least two years with Tata group
  • Individuals without formal management education


  • Blended learning - combination of on-line sessions followed by physical classroom sessions
  • Coverage of three key business functions – HR, Finance, Marketing
  • Time effective - two classes per week between 6:00 to 8:00 PM
  • Short duration - three months (about 45 hours)
  • Builds general management capabilities