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TMTC Gurukul Series

TMTC’s Gurukul Series: Functional Capability Building Programmes:

The TMTC Gurukul Series programmes are offered in various business domains or functions. These interventions, which provide inputs in all the essential concepts in a domain, build deep knowledge and insights in that particular functional area of business.

The Gurukul programmes are thus designed to achieve the following:

  • Improving the participants’ understanding of the business environment
  • Providing knowledge of emerging concepts and frameworks in a particular domain, in order to help deal with contemporary issues, and ultimately linking functional decisions to the overall business objective so as to maximize shareholder value

Currently there are three programmes offered under the Gurukul series. These are:


Open Programmes

Our Open programmes invite participation from across industry sectors and businesses, resulting in a diverse class mix which often includes a range of business functions as well.

These carefully designed learning interventions thus offer the following benefits – 

  • rich content and learning across the spectrum of business-critical topics
  • an excellent opportunity for participants to gain fresh perspectives and “outside-in” learning, through interaction with peers from a varied set of group companies
  • an opportunity to network with a peer group that brings with it rich diversity of thought, experience and knowledge

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Custom Programmes

TMTC works with individual companies to create high-impact learning experiences tailored to their unique needs. In a rapidly changing business scenario, where organizations face shifting market dynamics, aggressive competitors, demanding and discerning customers, and multiple strategic challenges, our customized interventions help grow leaders who are able to address company-specific, live challenges and issues.

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TMTC e-Learning

At TMTC, we believe that learning must be democratized, and the opportunity for it therefore made available to all, including to those who may be constrained for any reason from attending physical, in-class programmes.

It is in this spirit that we offer more than one powerful e-learning programme.....

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