Applied Research @ TMTC (AR@T):Snowflakes of Experience 

Snowflakes are agglomerations of ice crystals that fall through the Earth’s atmosphere. Ice Crystals are usually shaped as hexagonal columns or plates, and can appear transparent or opaque with a bluish white colour depending on air inclusions. It is almost impossible to find two identical snowflakes. Sometimes, water droplets collide and stick to snow crystals. These are called Rime. Rimed snow crystals are a spectacular creation of nature, but it requires a discerning eye to notice this beauty. Experiences, in some ways, are like snowflakes – unique and abundant. Just as snowflakes melt away, experiences too fade away from collective memory with the passage of time.

The Tata group companies operate in diverse business sectors and offer a vast ensemble of experiences. These "Snowflakes of Experience" are captured by TMTC in AR@T. Like the rimed snow crystals that display nature’s splendour, AR@T showcases leading edge practices and experiences of Tata leaders. The management briefs and case studies that are part of each issue of AR@T are learning assets that can be used for impactful learning and development.

Launched in 2010, AR@T reaches more than 700 senior executives in the Tata group. To help us continue to add diversity and richness to AR@T, we invite you to share your experiences, insights, and suggestions for future research.

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