Strategy and Operations

Some of the most critical questions for all managers – from CEOs to business unit heads are:

  • How can I prepare my company to handle uncertainties in the business environment?
  • How do I create value for my shareholders and key stakeholders?
  • How do I generate a sustainable competitive advantage over rivals?
  • How do I align my organization to execute our strategy?

Michael Porter in his 1996 Harvard Business Review article argues that “Operational effectiveness is not Strategy”. For many years, companies have tried to achieve operational excellence through six sigma, TQM, JIT, supply chain management and various other means and technologies–for the most part they succeeded in their efforts. But they have realized that in spite of their efforts to create operational excellence, they could not achieve the sustainable competitive advantage they had hoped for.

Strategy at its core has to do with positioning and trade-offs. This means not only selecting what to do and doing it better than anyone else for a long period of time, but more important to also do things ‘differently’ to create an order-of-magnitude advantage over others. To accomplish this, every top leader needs to provide leadership in formulating, communicating and executing the organization’s strategy to guide his or her company.

At TMTC, we realise that it is not enough for leaders to develop a strategy; they also need to translate that into successful actions. Recognizing this need, TMTC offers senior managers a series of leadership programmes that have strategy formulation and execution as a core component of the learning experience.

Some of the customized programmes that can be offered in this area are:

  • Strategies for sustaining advantage during difficult times
  • Strategies for competitive advantage and growth
  • E-business strategy

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