Businesses are under constant pressure to consistently deliver customer driven products and services and create a wholesome customer experience. Companies struggle with managing inter-dependencies between the various business functions and yet delivering value to their customers. This calls for a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of consumer behaviour, continuously keeping track of aggressive competitor moves and keeping current with market and customer dynamics.

Given the rapidly evolving customer needs and expectations, more discerning customers and a fast changing business environment, capturing customer insight is critical. There is a felt need among companies to align and immerse their managers in concepts and practice of customer centricity and focus, and for their people to understand and appreciate the applied aspects of marketing.

At TMTC, we realise that it is not enough to have a sound marketing strategy. The challenge is to implement it successfully to create better business impact.

Recognising this need, TMTC offers a series of programmes in developing and executing marketing strategies that can provide competitive differentiation.