1. Learning Facilities
  2. IT Facilitites
  3. Recreational Facilities
  4. Residential Facilities
  • Air-conditioned and well-equipped classrooms
  • High-tech teaching aids, video-conferencing and audio-visual facilities
  • High-speed Internet connectivity and computers at all times
  • Well-equipped library and resource centre
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications system
  • Syndicate rooms for small group discussions
  • Verdant lawns for breakout groups and conclaves
  • Access to a wide and rich collection of case studies and best practices
  • Back up genset for uninterrupted power supply
  • Excellent programme coordination and management services
Network Connectivity

An IT-savvy centre, TMTC believes in providing superior technology resources to its programme participants, so that they stay connected with their work place and the external world. TMTC provides connectivity across the entire campus that encompasses the main office building and the residential blocks, with a 2 Mbps leased line. The Local Area Network (LAN) on the campus comprises more than 250 data connects, including two nodes per residential room.

This provides tremendous flexibility to the participants in terms of accessing the Internet at leisure in their respective rooms. This connectivity shall soon be enhanced by providing wireless networking across the entire campus.

IT Infrastructure

The Local Area Network is managed by three servers, providing round-the-clock, secure access to information resources for the TMTC faculty, staff and programme participants. Each classroom has the latest audio-visual and video-conferencing facilities. Latest Pentiums have also been placed in the vicinity of the classrooms and along the corridors of TMTC to provide easy and quick access to programme participants during lunch and tea-breaks.

Website Offerings

TMTC believes in staying connected with its participants not just before and during but also after the training programme. The TMTC website offers its participants pre-programme and postprogramme material in terms of presentations, articles, case studies etc. Each scheduled programme has its own unique e-community to enable participants to interact with the faculty and among themselves even later.

  • Two croquet lawns
  • Jogging and walking track
  • Air-conditioned gymnasium
  • Table tennis and Carrom
  • Tennis and badminton courts
  • TV and recreation room
  • 30 air-conditioned, twin occupancy rooms with laundry facilities, high-speed Internet connectivity and two data points in each room
  • Exquisite dining facilities
  • Get-togethers held on the sprawling lawns
  • Well-trained and courteous staff
  • Library